About Bones and Me

Just two kids who rescued two dogs.

Now on a mission to help thousands more.

Joseph & Sarah

The Kids

Bella & Lucky

The Dogs

Our Story

We’ve always wanted a family dog. Our parents resisted us for years. We travel too much. We work too much. You’re too young. You’re not responsible enough. You’ll lose interest next month. We’ve heard it all. But things changed when Sarah worked on a school project about making effective presentations. You guessed it. It was about getting a dog.

After receiving positive feedback from her peers, she turned to Joseph, who had all but given up on getting a furry friend. Together they improved the presentation. During their research about the best breed for their family, they came across “the rescue struggle” as Sarah likes to call it. They included the statistics about the number of dogs and cats found, surrendered and euthanized.  They educated themselves.  They were beyond prepared. They requested 30 minutes of undivided attention from mom and dad to make their case.  They could not say no.  They did not say no!

After adopting Bella, Joseph and Sarah embarked on a mission to help. They began saving their allowances and designed items for their “brand” that they would give away to raise awareness, exchange in return for donations, or auction off to raise money for rescue groups across the US.

Each auction raised hundreds of dollars thanks to an amazing, loyal and compassionate group of followers on Instagram and Facebook. As auction values increased, participation decreased. “Not everyone wants to spend or can afford to spend $300 on a beanie and water bottle,” says Sarah. But many wanted to buy a $25 hat or t-shirt, especially when it benefits rescue organizations.

This was the driver to turn the “brand” into a company. The company into a mission. A mission to do good.  DO GOOD. LOOK GREAT. FEEL AWESOME.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help put an end to the millions of dogs and cats euthanized every year and to help fight against animal abuse, by donating up to 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our branded items to animal rescues and other charitable groups.

We create quality items for awesome people and leverage our cute brand and designs to raise money and awareness.  It is not only about rescue. It is also about abuse prevention, early education and working to enact laws to help stem the problem.