News From The Vucjak Shelter in Serbia

A quick update for all the wonderful supporters of the Vucjak Shelter in Serbia...

First, a big thank you for all the long-term supporters of the shelter and all the new ones. Without you, Dejan could not continue being the last hope for thousands of neglected, abused, hurt and discarded dogs.

Second, we are pleased to announce that the Vucjak shelter is finally officially registered and recognized as an animal shelter in Serbia.

Third, we want to give you an update on where we are with monthly commitments and pledges. As of Oct 8th, 1879 donors have pledged $20,295 monthly. Thank you! Starting from zero in mid-July, trying to restore the lost $40K in previous pledges, has been a painstaking process.

This puts us at the halfway mark trying to restore the funding Vucjak needs to survive. With approximately 1200 dogs now at the shelter (and 100+ cats), theΒ daily cost for food is $1 per dog. That is $30K monthly simply to feed our furry friends. Add the cost of gasoline needed to run a generator for the well pump, wages for a few dedicated helpers, vet fees for vaccinations and spay/neuter programs, easily push the monthly expenses to $40K.

At the current level, we have enough food to feed the shelter population for 20 days a month. We continue to rely on one-time donations to supplement the monthly pledges.

Of course the above outlined expenses do not include emergency vet and animal fees for new intakes that come in on a regular basis. Just in the last 2 days, Dejan was called to save two very badly wounded dogs that appear to have been hit by cars.

Dejan could not say no and rushed both dogs to the vet hospital. Unfortunately they have both suffered severe injuries. The male pup has a badly broken leg as seen in the xray below. The female sadly has all 4 legs broken. They both need a few more days to get more stable, gain some strength before undergoing surgeries.

Like you, we hope they pull through and support Dejan's decision to help them despite the hardship the shelter is still under.

We thank you for your continued and generous support of the Vucjak Shelter. If you've signed up for a monthly donation, one of the often asked questions we receive is how to manage your subscription. You'll find a guide here. Dejan has also previously published a note about you support which you'll find here.

If you wish to support Dejan and the Vucjak Shelter, click HERE.