Hello and welcome. Thank you for being a supporter of the Vucjak Shelter.

For complete transparency and in order to give you better visibility, we are now providing you with an annual and quarterly Giving Reports of all funding through our platform. Obviously this does not include donations or payments made directly to the Shelter's PayPal account or other means -- only payments made through Bones and Me forwarded to the shelter. Please note that the shelter needs approximately US$57,000 monthly to feed its 1600 dogsย and cats.

2023 Annual Giving Report:
In 2023,ย your payments and pledges ofย US$440,301 have been sent to Vucjak Shelter. View or download the 2023 Vucjak Giving Summaryย here.

2024 Quarterly Giving Report:
For the first 3 months of 2024, we have sent US$83,940 to the shelter. This does not include the monthly subscriptions of the month of March which were sent beginning April 1 and will be reflected in next quarter's report. As of March 31, the monthly subscriptions amounted to US$26,845 with 2,489 active subscribers.ย View or download the 2024 Q1 Vucjak Giving Summaryย here.

If you wish to support Dejan and the Vucjak Shelter, clickย 
HERE. For a quick payment through Venmo, scan this QR code.