She was dumped at the shelter gate three and a half years ago. She was only six months old. He named her Vule and she's been by Dejan's side ever since.

She had been one of the happiest, sweetest dogs at the Vucjak shelter until she recently was diagnosed with cancer on her jaw.

Dejan sought to get her care within Serbia at the country's leading Spina Clinic in Belgrade more than two hours away from the shelter. After x-rays and a histopathology report revealed that Vule needed more specialized care, Dejan was referred to a specialist oncology center in neighboring Slovenia.

"I am open for any further diagnostic and your suggestion..." ~Dejan Gacic

"we are ready to do everything you think is the best!"
~Dejan Gacic



I am appalled that someone suggested that Vule was not getting the care she needed and that she was skin and bones due to possible neglect.


NEGLECT????? Really?! Would you send your wife (or partner) and dog to another country if you were neglectful???



The fact is that Dejan tried everything possible within Serbia to get Vule help. Her situation deteriorated pretty rapidly and the very aggressive and painful tumor on the mandible, curbed her appetite and ability to eat enough and get the nutrients she needs.

Dejan will never ever give up on a dog that can be helped. Period!!!!!

We know you all stand with Dejan and support his decisions. He is there. He sees what is happening first-hand. He knows what is needed and what to prioritize.  Thank you!

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